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  • Onboarding Senior Leader's Checklist November 8, 2020
    A detailed executive onboarding strategy is key for integrating new-leader hires into an organization. Newly hired executives clearly want support. While each organization is different, an effective executive-onboarding program includes several vital elements: clear performance expectations that are routed in strategic priorities, helpful operational overviews, realistic descriptions of the company’s culture and how decisions are made, […]
  • XBInsight's Succession Planning Process November 1, 2020
    Utilize a scientific process with validated data by benchmarking what success looks like and identifying the critical thinking skills, culture/values of successful leaders. Download XBInsight's succession planning guide here.
  • Identifying Your Next Generation of Strategic Leaders October 7, 2020
    Most companies have leaders equipped with the strong operational skills required to maintain the status quo. However, in today’s increasingly complex and disruptive business environment, many organizations face a critical deficit – a lack of strategic leaders. In fact, a study by PwC of 6,000 senior executives found only 8% of the respondents turned out to be strategic […]
  • Are Your Executives Paving the Way for the Next Generation October 7, 2020
    Why Leaders Must Begin Developing Leaders Executive and leadership development has risen to the top of most companies’ priority list over the past decade, with the realization that in the fast-changing, innovation-led business landscape organizations must have exceptional leaders to navigate it. In fact, studies by McKinsey & Company and J.P. Donion have found a […]
  • What Change Agents Value at Work October 7, 2020
    When it comes to change management, half the battle is making sure you have the right leaders in place. And that means looking carefully at their competencies, behavioral styles, and values.
  • Don’t Rely on Luck When Building Your Executive Team September 1, 2020
    What does luck have to do with building your executive team? Nothing really, except as an analogy to illustrate how many employers approach their leadership selection today – often relying on gut feel or “luck” as opposed to careful planning and the use of data to guide them. Meanwhile, moving valuable talent into executive team […]