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  • Don’t Rely on Luck When Building Your Executive Team September 1, 2020
    What does luck have to do with building your executive team? Nothing really, except as an analogy to illustrate how many employers approach their leadership selection today – often relying on gut feel or “luck” as opposed to careful planning and the use of data to guide them. Meanwhile, moving valuable talent into executive team […]
  • Are Your Executives Paving the Way for the Next Generation August 27, 2020
    Why Leaders Must Begin Developing Leaders Executive and leadership development has risen to the top of most companies’ priority list over the past decade, with the realization that in the fast-changing, innovation-led business landscape organizations must have exceptional leaders to navigate it. In fact, studies by McKinsey & Company and J.P. Donion have found a […]
  • The Solution to Talent Shortages Facing Life Sciences Companies August 27, 2020
    A recent study highlights a pervasive challenge facing the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, and that is a lack of talent. The study found that 51 percent of CEOs of life sciences and pharma companies admit to greater difficulties attracting and retaining the right people, more than any other industry in the study.1 In fact, […]
  • Developing Healthcare Leaders August 27, 2020
    While the nursing and physician shortage has been well-documented and widely-discussed, there is a far more challenging aspect of healthcare talent management today – attaining a deep pipeline of executive-ready talent equipped to lead amid a complex and chaotic healthcare industry. In fact, strong leadership is arguably the single most important driver of overall organizational […]
  • The New Age of Leadership August 27, 2020
    Companies are continuing to abandon top-down, formal reporting hierarchies and silo-based organizational models in favor of flatter, team-based structures as a means of adjusting to new demands for innovation and growth. In fact, 38% of all companies have moved away from traditional functional structures towards dynamic networks of teams, according to a recent Deloitte study.  […]
  • Is Your Leadership Team Full of Change Agents? August 27, 2020
     The rules and requirements to remain competitive in today’s marketplace are evolving so rapidly that leadership is struggling to stay ahead of the course. While change used to be slow and incremental, organizations today face a whole new breed of change – one that is fast, disruptive, and unpredictable.  As such, businesses are acutely aware […]